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Using Data


Microsoft Excel Grading Tools.

Other resources for using electronic databases and spreadsheets

as tools for teachers.


    Take a look at statistics and data resources provided by the Ilinois Board of Education. Use this site to stimulate discussion about using data to facilitate test preparation courses in your school: Do you need more language support services? How does your school or district compare to others in the state.

All About Data:

     Learn to use database software to analyze classroom data. Close inspection of individual student responses to answers on tests (or item analysis), reveals much about areas where a teacher can boost skills. These kinds of statistics are kept in files at the Department of Education and are distributed to school district leaders and principals months after the tests have been given. It might be useful to look at the last two years of PSAE test results for your classroom to see what information you can use to help refine classroom goals. Ask your principal for access to the state data.

     If you learn to use database programs like FileMaker Pro or Microsoft Office applications, you can read and create your own databases and spreadsheets.


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