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The number one reason students are barred from taking the ACT 

Mathematics Exam is they brought the wrong calculator to the tests. 

Official ACT calculator policy.

Buy PSAE Approved Calculators here for $17.95 each plus $3.00 s&h.

Teacher's kit includes 10 calculators, plastic caddy that holds 10 calculators, 

teacher's guide, transparency master, calculator poster for classroom. $189.95 

free shipping.


Overhead Calculator - $129.98 plus $3.00 s&h 

For use as an instructional tool on an overhead projector

  • 2-line display: entries on top line, results on bottom line
  • Scrolling display
  • Previous entry feature
  • Menus: select settings for your classroom needs
  • Fraction feature: fractions and mixed numbers operations
  • 2-variable statistics
  • Conversions:
    • Fractions/Decimals;
    • Degrees/Radians/Grads;
    • DMS/Decimal/Degrees
  • Basic scientific & trigonometric functions
  • Manual included (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French)



Activities Book for the PSAE Calculator for Secondary Classrooms - $29.95 plus $3.00 S&h


This activity book is designed to help teachers prepare students to use technology appropriately to solve everyday problems. The 15 activities include topics in number theory, algebra, probability and statistics.


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