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PSAE/ACT/English/Writing E-Book (contains multiple choice test item samples and 

writing instruction for the essay portion of the exam.)  You have license to print one copy of the book, your

instructions for downloading the E-Book will arrive by E-Mail), only $7.95    

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On this page, we present practice and information about the ACT portion of the exam.


Spring Administration

Initial Test Dates

Makeup Test Dates
April 27-28, 2011
(Wed. - Thurs.)
May 11-12, 2011 
(Wed. - Thurs.)
April 24-25, 2012
(Tues. - Wed.)
May 8-9, 2012
(Tues. - Wed.)


Books we have reviewed and approved for the ACT portions of the PSAE Exams.

    Conquering the ACT Math
  • The ACT is the predominant college entrance exam in 25 states
  • Higher scores in ACT math can help applicants get into the college of their choice


$29.95 plus s&h

The ACT Test


The ACT English & Reading Workbook teaches students exactly what they need to know on test day. Equipped with general and subject-specific test-taking strategies, students will learn how to attack questions on the actual test. The practice sets featured in the workbook helps develop skills, build confidence, and ensure that there are no surprises on test day.

$29.95 plus s&h

The Real ACT Prep Guide

The only official guide from the ACT test makers, this new edition of the best selling "The Real ACT Prep Guide" is updated with exclusive content and is packed with insider test-taking tips and strategies, practice tests, and insight on the exam itself.

$29.95 plus s&h

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